Brochure pour un programme d'assistance aux PME européennes.

Brochure et plusieurs propositions de couvertures pour « A Helping Hand for SMEs – Mentoring Business Transfer », un programme de coaching européen pour les petites et moyennes entreprises mis en place en collaboration avec l’association des chambres de commerce européennes.

Setting up a new firm is not the only way of going into business. Taking over an existing company is another one. But buyers often need a helping hand to overcome the challenges linked with takeover. The “Mentoring Business Transfer” project gave a helping hand to hundreds of European entrepreneurs.

EUROCHAMBRES is the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The association is one of the largest business representative organisation in Brussels, representing over 20 million companies through 45 members and a European
network of 1,700 regional and local Chambers. About 98% of these enterprises are SMEs. Eurochambres’ direct members are national associations of Chambers of Commerce based in 26 EU countries, EFTA countries, and some Eastern European, Western
Balkans and Mediterranean countries. Eurochambres represents, serves and promotes European Chambers of Commerce and Industry through lobbying, development of projects and services to members.