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Thibaut CAMMERMANS resume, graphic designer loyal to your image
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I’m lucky because I have the nicest job in the world.

I am a graphic designer. For 23 years, I’ve designed. Brochures, leaflets and annual reports. Logos. Packaging. Illustrations. On all kinds of medium or on screen. Sometimes in all sorts of suprising languages.
I’m lucky because it’s not work: it’s a pleasure. A difficult but priviledged pleasure of creating, of course, but above all the satisfaction to note that the message is well passed on and that the client appreciates the quality and beauty of ones work. For the messenger that I am, it’s very gratifying.
You know that, pleasure is a serious affair. It requires work and experience. But a messenger requires above all a message to transmit or a reason to share.
That message, that reason, could very well be your message, your company or your reason. Your ideas deserve that one takes care of them.
I invite you to cross-skills. I offer you all the achievements of my career and you bring to me your universe. Let’s bring together our talents!


*  *  *


Skills and life skills:

  • Experienced and technically competent
  • Respectful of client demands and their objectives is for me absolutely imperative
  • I accompany and guide the client in his thought
  • I can synthesize or develop an idea and establish the resulting specifications
  • Upstream, I ensure direct client contact but also to seek out external suppliers, the writing for tenders and the coordination with collaborators
  • Downstream, I ensure production follow-up
  • I regard the details with great importance
  • I am at ease with a cross-media approach and conscience of the portability of print to an online environment
  • Lively interest in relevant use of social networks
  • I am very interested in innovative technologies and those which can concretely bring (adaptive design, adps, webapps, impression 3D, CNC)…
  • I am capable to reply to the unforeseen in complete autonomy and to work within short deadlines when the situation is justified.
  • Creative, enthusiastic and reliable
  • I apply myself in what I do
  • I possess a good general culture and all subjects interest me. Curiosity for all things is my motivating force.
  • I share my knowledge
  • I have the ability to listen and of relationships
  • I enjoy teamwork
  • Flexible, I never grumble to go above and beyond in emergency situations.


*  *  *


Previous sectors of activity:

I have worked in the following sectors: institutional, pharmaceutical, financial, chemical, military, energy, commercial, transport, industrial and environmental
From conception through to the production of multilingual brochures, leaflets, pop-ups, annual reports, banners, roll-ups and display panels… , I have handled all printable mediums.
No aspect of the industry is unknown, from the design of complete visual identities, to the writing and use of brand guidelines and advanced image retouching. Not forgetting 3D design (popups, packaging, 3D printing), conception of exhibition stands, illustrations, infographics and the front-end design of websites.


My vision of the profession

At a time where different communication channels addresses to all of our senses, where they interact at an unprecedented scale and where frontiers between offline and online worlds become blurred, a coherent, comprehensive approach which crosses communication relays is more than ever essential to meet each challenge and conceive pertinent and robust solutions which reply to each need.
More than ever, the designer is at the crossover of media.

*  *  *




(1989 – 1990 Legerdienst in het nederlands)

1984 – 1989 Graphic communication studies at La Cambre

1981 – 1983 Graphic design superior studies at St Luc Brussels



01/2016: Various short-term freelance missions and search of other work partners/collaborations.

07/2015 – 01/2016:  technician and designer in engraving in a company of industrial signalling system.

11/2014 – 07/2015: Various short-term freelance missions and search of other work partners/collaborations.

2001 – 2014 Senior Graphic Designer at Morris & Chapman in Brussels.

1991 – 2001 Graphic designer at Image Plus in Brussels.


French (mother tongue) – Dutch (good knowledge) – English (good knowledge).



Dassault Solid Works (CAO) – Prototyping and 3D printing – InDesign and databases – Copywriting – WordPress – Improving your creativity – Social networks – Excel – InDesign digital publications for iPad.

Stick welding (nightschool, 6 months).

Current project: InnovLav participation to practice laser cutting, CNC and 3D printing in Paris (IUT Cachan).



Suite AdobeCC (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator…), MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel…) or OpenOffice. Mac and/or PC. Use of a graphic tablet.



Driving licence B.

* * *

Clients for whom I work via agencies:

By alphabetical merit order:

ACT Association of Commercial Television in Europe
AIM International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies
Alice’s Muffins
Avernas Golf Club

Better Flying
Blueprint Partners
BSB British School of Brussels
Brussels Airport

Cabinet DN
Camera Lucida Productions
CCRE Conseil des Communes et Régions d’Europe
CECCM Confederation of European Community Cigarette Manufacturers
CES European Silicones Centre
CERT Canada Europe Round Table for Business
CEPI Confederation of European Paper Industries
Compassionate Corporate
COTA Centre d’Ostéopathie et Thérapie Alternative
CORDIS Community Research and Development Information Service
Crêche Cardinal Mercier

David Rose optician
Digital Europe The voice of the European Digital Technology Industry
DOT Factory
Drive n’ Ride
EAA European Aluminium Association
EBFRIP European Brominated Flame Retardand Industry Panel
ECETOC European Centre for Ecotoxilogy and Toxicology of Chemicals
ECODA European Confederation of Directors Associations
ECOS European Environmental Citizens Organisation for Standardisation
EDA European Defence Agency
EFBW European Federation of Bottled Water
EFRA European Flame retardants Association
EGNOS European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service
ELIG European Learning Industry Group
EMSA European Maritime Safety Agency
EnviroAero Air Transport Action Group
EPACA European Public Affairs Consultancies’ Association
ERF European Road Federation
ESIG European Solvents Industry Group
ESTA European Smoking Tobacco Association
ESTOC European Smokeless Tobacco Council
ETIS Global IT Association for Telecommunications
ETRMA European Tyre & rubber Manufacturers’ Association
ETTSA European Technology and Travel Services Association
EUROCHAMBRES Gateway to Japan
ETPSMR European Technology Platform for Sustainable Mineral Resources
EOD European Obesity Day
EHTISER European Health Technology Institutes for Socio-Economic Research
EUROPIA European Petroleum Industry
Euro Domus
EU-Georgia Business Council
EURIMA European Mineral Wool Manufacturers Association
EVC European Volunteer Centre
Fantastic Plastic
FEAD Fédération Européenne des Activités de la Dépollution et de l’Environnement
Flying Fifties
FPME Food Processing Machinery Europe

Gardunha Verde
Gas Naturally
GLAI Gaming and Leisure Association of Ireland
GMP Cachan
GSK GlaxoSmithKline
Guerilla Communications

IBBA Irish Belgian Business Association
ICFPA International Council of Forest & Paper Associations
IDF International Dairy Federation

IMA Europe Industrial Minerals
ISOPA Manufacturers in Europe of Aromatic Diisocyanates and Polyols Association
IUT Cachan, Paris

Hanza Capital

La Frivole Impudique
Landesvertretung Niedersachsen bei der EU
LINKinSIEF REACH communication Platform

Mama Tau Private Game Lodge
Mc Donalds

MedTech Europe
Metals for Buildings
Monte Paschi Bank
MPE Management Partners Europe
MWE Municipal Waste Europe

NALAS Network of Associations of local Authorities of South-East Europe
NewIG New Energy World Industry Grouping
NE Notaries of Europe

OIG Online Intelligence Group

Pathway to Development
Pole Production Gift & Premiums Merchandising
PSE Parti Socialiste Européen
PUR Polyurethane

Reach Centrum
Refrigerants Naturally!

SAI Sustainable Agriculture Association
Seagull Clothing company
SPIRE Sustainable process industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency

Vaillant Heating and hot water systems

UEPG The European Aggregates Association
UFB United Fund for Belgium
UL Union Legend
Union of Voices

Will & Paco

Young Koningswinter Alumni


*  *  *